Policy Research

We undertake and/or support researches and processes that inform policies that promote development for the poor, marginalized and voiceless
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We build a community of advocates for effective development policies targeted at promoting development in poor, marginalized and voiceless communities
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Capacity Building

We build capacity and skill set of groups, CSOs, private and public institutions to promote better engagement with development related policies and interventions
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CPRDS employs a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to address policy and knowledge gaps within government, parliament, private sector and civil society that exacerbate current human development indices at the individual, community, national and international levels.

Central to the work of CPRDS is the focus to share knowledge that will find local solutions to local development challenges and enable actions that empower the poor, the marginalized and the voiceless in our society.

CPRDS work is driven by a pool of local and international consultants renowned for their specialty and expertise in research, community-based interventions, advocacy, capacity building and project management.

CPRDS has three main areas of focus, these are; Policy Research, Advocacy and Capacity Building.


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