International Conference for African Traditional and Religious Leaders on Keeping Girls in School in Africa


In a significant stride towards enhancing education for girls in Africa, the Centre for Policy Research & Development Solutions (CPRDS) recently hosted the “International Conference for African Traditional and Religious Leaders on Keeping Girls in School in Africa.” Held over three days in Nigeria, this landmark event brought together a diverse assembly of leaders, educators, policymakers, and advocates to address the critical issue of girls’ education and retention in schools.

Panel Discussions and Workshops

The conference featured a series of panel discussions and workshops designed to foster dialogue and collaboration among participants. Key topics included:

  1. Cultural Practices and Education: This panel explored how certain cultural practices can both positively and negatively impact girls’ education. Leaders shared success stories and strategies for modifying or replacing harmful practices with ones that promote educational attainment.
  2. Religious Perspectives on Education: Religious leaders from various faiths discussed their teachings on education, highlighting the congruence between religious values and the importance of education for all, especially girls.
  3. Policy and Community Action: Experts and policymakers presented case studies of successful interventions and discussed how policies can be effectively implemented at the grassroots level to support girls’ education.
  4. Economic Barriers and Solutions: Addressing the economic challenges that often prevent girls from staying in school, this workshop identified practical solutions such as scholarship programs, vocational training, and community-based support systems.

Moving Forward

The conference concluded with a vibrant cultural evening, celebrating the rich heritage of Africa and the collective commitment to a brighter future for its girls. As participants returned to their communities, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and a toolkit of strategies to support girls’ education.

The CPRDS remains dedicated to monitoring progress and providing ongoing support to ensure that the commitments made at the conference translate into tangible improvements in girls’ education across the Nation. By harnessing the collective power of traditional and religious leaders, we can make significant strides towards a future where every girl in Africa has the opportunity to stay in school and achieve her full potential.

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