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One critical goal of CPRDS is to promote research into local solutions to development and related policy challenges. In order to effectively deliver on this mandate, CPRDS housed an information support center designed to strengthen the gathering, storage, management and use of information independently and collaboratively with its partners to further empower all persons in achieving sustainable development.

The resource center is a unit within CPRDS with the aim to collect, classify, process and deliver print and electronic information to its partners, staff, board of trustees, consultants and those registered with the resource center based on membership. The content of resources in the resource center includes information about philanthropy, the non-governmental sector, local communities, government and other relevant materials particularly as it relates to human empowerment and development. This is often referred to as the “CPRDS resource center or Library”.

As a Center that provides solutions to global research and development issues, CPRDS has great value for knowledge and information and as such, wants to improve the management of its resource Centre (Library) through the use of appropriate information and Communications Technologies and integrated library system.

Objectives of OUR Resource Centre


  1. To fulfil CPRDS’ mission of promoting global solutions for sustainable development through research, advocacy and capacity building.
  2. To serve as a basic tool to support staff and trustees reduce wasted and costly search time and produce higher quality work.
  3. To ensure easy and quick access to critical and hard-to-find information probably those not available on the internet.
  4. To play the central role of documenting and preserving the history/ongoing activities at CPRDS.

Legal Framework for Civil Space

Nigeria Population Policy

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