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The Centre for Policy Research and Development Solutions (CPRDS) was founded as a think-tank dedicated to rigorous policy research and strategic development planning, aimed at providing global solutions to developmental challenges within Nigeria.

CPRDS conducts in-depth research on various policies impacting development in Nigeria. This involves analyzing existing policies, identifying gaps, and researching best practices from around the world.

Based on our research, CPRDS creates strategic development plans. These plans could outline specific actions and recommendations for the Nigerian government, private sector, or civil society organizations to address critical development challenges.

While our vision mentions “global solutions,” CPRDS prioritizes finding solutions to developmental challenges specific to Nigeria. This could include issues like poverty reduction, infrastructure development, education reform, or healthcare access.

CPRDS employs researchers and experts from various disciplines. This allows us to consider social, economic, and political factors when tackling complex development challenges.

Our work aims to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. By providing research and development plans, CPRDS equips policymakers and stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions and implement effective solutions.


We are dedicated to advancing policy research programs, advocacy, and capacity building through a variety of events and programs. 


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Dedicated to rigorous policy research and strategic development planning.

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